Apple Watch Series 7 Review Roundup [Video]

Apple Watch Series 7 Review Roundup [Video]

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Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 7 are now live ahead of the smartwatch's release on Friday, October 15.

Check out our review roundup below!

The Verge:
The Apple Watch Series 7 is a small update that's mostly about the bigger screen. It's also more durable and comes with a USB-C charger. It's a super nice smartwatch, but does that mean you should upgrade? Dieter Bohn reviews the Apple Watch.

Marques Brownlee
Apple Watch Series 7 really just has 1 big upgrade.

The Apple Watch Series 7 feels more like a refined version of the Series 6 than an entirely new watch. But it will feel like a huge leap for those who have an older model like the Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4.

We got our hands on the brand new Apple Watch Series 7! How about a quick unboxing and look at all the new features?

Rene Ritchie
It all comes together to create an experience that’s… light years beyond the original… even if it’s still not quite where I want it to be. Let me explain!