CT Scans Reveal Evolution of Apple AirPods Design [Images]

CT Scans Reveal Evolution of Apple AirPods Design [Images]

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Check out these CT scans that reveal the evolution of Apple's AirPods from the first generation AirPods to the AirPods Pro to the AirPods 3.

The 3D scans were shared by ScanoftheMonth.com.

When we peel the skin back, we find that Apple completely redesigned AirPods with each major generation. Let’s explore with the help of some crispy CT scans.

Here are some highlights...

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● A microphone in the stem base is rotated slightly toward the wearer’s mouth, measuring just 2.1mm x 1.2mm. It hides behind the pair of contacts used to charge the battery.
● Infrared sensors on the surface of the enclosure just behind the earpiece enable one of AirPods’ key magic features: remove the earbud to pause your music, and replace it to play.

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● The battery has moved from the stem to the head; the electronics cluster also stayed in the head. A very dense PCB simplifies the assembly by concentrating the electronics into a single component.
● The Pro ditched the down-facing microphone in favor of two stem-based microphones. The microphones are substantially larger than the first-gen mics (3.4x2.4mm)
● Force sensors are visible in the stem along with an antenna.
● A microphone hides directly in front of the speaker to hear what you hear.

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● The electronics and batteries fully switched positions from the first-generation AirPods, electronics to the stems, and batteries to the head. A single PCBA contains most components leaving a few distributed sensors.
● The downward-facing microphone has made its return, situated between the charging contacts at the bottom of the stem. At 2.9x1.8mm, these microphones are a size between the Pro and G1.
● Behind the earpiece is a set of skin-contact sensors, and below them is the third microphone.

Hit the link below to view the CT scans in 3D...

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CT Scans Reveal Evolution of Apple AirPods Design [Images]