Analyst: iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Low Cost iPhone in September, No iPad Mini in 2013

Analyst: iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Low Cost iPhone in September, No iPad Mini in 2013

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has had a fairly strong track record in predicting future Apple products has issued a new report with claims of Apples 2013 product lineup.

Kuo believes we will see an iPhone 5S in late September and it will be in short supply due to production issues. It seems that the fingerprint sensor is the likely culprit but Kuo only knows that supply issues will cause the production difficulties. By October-November Kuo believes supply will improve.

Kuo says the low cost budget iPhone will arrive in early September before that iPhone 5S due to it being easier to produce. The new model will cost about $450-$550 off contract and will likely cap 26 million units this year.

As for iPads, Kuo claims we will see a redesigned full-sized iPad with a lighter design as expected. It is rumored to look very similar to the mini. As for the Mini, it does not seem like we will see one this year. Instead, Kuo believes we will see two iPad minis, one with a retina display and one without a retina display. Those are expected to debut sometime in early 2014.

Finally Kuo sees Haswell focused updates to both the Macbook Pro and the new iMac this year. The new iMac is said to launch sometime in the end of August with the new Retina Macbook Pros launching around mid-September.

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Analyst: iPhone 5S, iPad 5 and Low Cost iPhone in September, No iPad Mini in 2013

lskew - July 30, 2013 at 7:43am
Gfgf - July 23, 2013 at 10:40pm
The analyst said the idiots will be ready to buy more crap from apple with a minor upgrade like scan your nose picking finger. Wow!
NoGoodNick - July 24, 2013 at 3:21am
What is this "more crap" you're telling us, it's bandroid that has crap all over it, plastic, wave hand to pause, waterproof which may dirty it up, thin screens, everything.
Working backwards for 5 just for plastic? - July 23, 2013 at 5:52am
I can see why you's pay more for gs4 due to its size, but since iphone 5 is going to be plastic, this will be like iphone 3 except taller and same dimensions and sides on the current one, but it is what apple is doing for people who want iphone if that's the case. About ipad mini and ipad, when I read the part where it said "we will see two ipad minis in 2014, one with retina and one without retina", I thought 'so until ipad mini 3, it'll have retina display then?' Finally, since ipad will look like the mini, it'll probably help anyone with the games, which is easier to play on the mini at the moment and and more hand range for both to let your thumb reach half the screen for both sides since the next ipad will be slightly smaller.
TheWise1 - July 23, 2013 at 12:05am
The low cost iPhone will be a iPhone without a camera that being said that is the device the government will be using. Once they got the deal to use iPhones instead of blackberry. There are a lot of blackberry devices with and without camera for that reason.
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