Apple's In-House Ads Are Scoring Lower Than Ads Created By Outside Agency

Apple's In-House Ads Are Scoring Lower Than Ads Created By Outside Agency

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Apple's homegrown commercials aren't performing as well as ads made by its longtime agency TBWAMedia Arts Labs, reports Bloomberg.

Based on data from Ace Metrix, who surveys TV watchers to determine how persuasive and entertaining an ad is, Apple's in-house ads have received a cooler reception from viewers on average. Apple started moving ad development in-house following some conflict with its usual agency.

The two best performing ads that Apple released since late last year have been from TBWAMedia Arts Lab. The top ad showed musicians using iPhone apps to produce a cover of 'Gigantic' by the Pixies. In second was an ad that showed a teen making a home movie during the holidays. The ad scored well in "likeability" and "relevance" but not as well in convincing consumers to purchase an iPhone.

The highest-scoring ad from the Apple team is its most recent. The spot highlights how iPhone owners can use the device to exercise, set to the strains of an old-timey song called "Chicken Fat." It earned a score of 611 from Ace Metrix, not far behind TBWA's holiday ad. The worst-performing commercial in the past year, done by the in-house team, was a high-spirited spot for the iPhone 5c that showed a wide variety of people saying hello with Apple's lower-priced phone.

Overall the in-house team's ad scored an average of 548 compared to 580 for the ads made by TBWAMedia Arts Lab.

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Apple's In-House Ads Are Scoring Lower Than Ads Created By Outside Agency

Gu - July 1, 2014 at 7:28pm
I think their new ads are for the lack if a better word, "stupid". The wannabe pixies one is just down right annoying, "gigantic...blah blah blahhhh". The composing one is just well incredibly boring...
Pu - July 2, 2014 at 12:55am
You're a gigantic gullable asshole. You lack for a better word, git. The defensive fckers got nothing better to do than brag like that.
Gu - July 2, 2014 at 1:19am
You call me a "git"? Yet you insult me and call me gullible? Where am I believing anything being said? I made my own rightful opinion. The only "git" here is obviously you, learn to write or attempt to write something correctly. Who is being defensive now? Right...
Pu - July 2, 2014 at 1:27am
Claimed the fool using my words that just made a point before using them to try to fight back. Learn shit like a real man would or back to school and dictionaries with you! Pick your poison, that or your brainwashed strategies. Gigantic load of whiny turd!
Gu - July 2, 2014 at 1:31am
Wow... You have problems it seems. You're all over the place talking nonsense. Learn shi* like a real man, tell me how does a real man learn shi* lol. I have my dictionary ready, I've gone to school enough, thanks for the suggestion. Grow up. Have fun typing to yourself, SPAMED.
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