Apple Reportedly Launching Thinner MacBook by 2015

Apple Reportedly Launching Thinner MacBook by 2015

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Apple will reportedly launch a thinner MacBook later this year, or in 2015, according to a new report. Production of components for the new MacBook have begun in small volumes according to supply chain sources. The report claims that Apple will also retire production for the 13-inch non-retina MacBook Pro by the end of 2014

Apple sold 4.41 million Macs from April-June 2014, up 7% from the previous quarter and 18% on year. Among the sales, 80% were contributed by the MacBook product line, the sources noted.

The report does not specify which "thinner MacBook" Apple plans releasing, but the current MacBook Air tapers from 1.7cm to .3cm, while the MacBook Pro Retina has a thickness of 1.8cm. Apple has been long-rumored to release a 12-inch Retina MacBook Air with reports earlier this year claiming the device featured a fan-less design and a new trackpad design without a button assembly.

Apple's next generation of MacBooks will most likely feature Intel's Broadwell chip that is expected to ship across 2015 .

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Apple Reportedly Launching Thinner MacBook by 2015

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