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T-Mobile CEO on iPhone 6 Bendgate: This Thing Doesn't F***ing Bend [Video]

T-Mobile CEO on iPhone 6 Bendgate: This Thing Doesn't F***ing Bend [Video]

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere responded to questions about the recent Bendgate controversy surrounding the release of the iPhone 6 in an interview at GeekWire Summit 2014. Legere described the reports as "horse****", saying "this thing doesn't f***ing bend."

Interviewer: "You got an iPhone 6 Plus over there and I note that it is perfectly straight."

[Legere tries to sit on iPhone 6 Plus]

Interviewer: You gonna bend it?

Legere: "That is such horse****. You know, listen, what the **** did you need to see? The video of the guy that's doing this. If you could have seen his face he probably would have been purple. The veins were coming out of his fingers and the thing moves a little bit. Are you ****ing me? I mean, when's the last time you took any other, this is an amazing super computer in your hand. What the **** are you putting it in your pants and sitting on it for. You know, seriously.

You know what, those nine people that sat on their phones, first of all they need jeans that fit them a little better, cause if your jeans are cutting your phone. What idiot? Give me a break. Take your laptop, you know, do handstands on it, throw it against the wall. That's a bull****. This thing doesn't f***ing bend.

Let's try it. Did anyone bend one in year?

Interviewer: Oh, you can't get one. You don't know if it's going to bend.

Let me help you about bendgate or whatever it was. It's not slowing down demand. The demand for these devices in the last few weeks is unbelievable.

Take a look at the video below starting at the 20 minute mark for even more interesting comments...

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Hey John, Bring back that F***ing $70 UNLIMITED Plan!!!
Libertarian - October 7, 2014 at 3:01pm
Added Bonus: The 6 Plus also works great as an ad-hoc rolling tray (in addition to being an awesome computer/communicator)
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