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Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]

Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]

Posted April 6, 2016 at 9:13pm by iClarified · 23883 views
Huawei has unveiled the new Huawei P9 and P9 Plus smartphones that feature a dual lens camera created in collaboration with Leica.

The Huawei P9 is the first smartphone co-engineered with the global iconic brand, Leica Camera AG. The P9’s dual-lens camera takes smartphone photography to the next level, allowing people to capture both vivid colors and striking black and white images. Huawei’s new B3 Talkband wearable wristband also made its global debut.

Notably, Apple is rumored to be working on a dual lens upgrade for the iPhone 7 Plus. The company is already testing dual-lens camera samples from Largan Technology and others. Apple uses image sensors from Sony and is expected to integrate technology from its LinX acquisition into the camera for the iPhone 7.

Here's a look at the features of the P9 and P9 Plus....

Reinventing Smartphone Photography
Integrating the design values and engineering excellence of Huawei and Leica in a smartphone photography system co-engineered by the two companies, the P9 brings together best-in-class hardware and software, from optical lenses, to sensors, to image processing algorithms, empowering users to capture the highest-quality images.

Key to the P9’s superlative imaging capabilities is a dual-camera design that fully unleashes the power of Leica’s optical lenses, renowned for precision and attention to detail, and subject to the industry’s most stringent quality screening requirements. The RGB camera on the P9 specializes in capturing color, while the monochrome camera is outstanding at acquiring picture detail. The two rear cameras of the P9 work in tandem to enable users to create images of superior detail, depth and color. The P9 truly excels in low-light conditions, as the dual-camera design guarantees more light and detail can be captured.

Each picture taken by the P9 carries the unique emotional resonance and timelessness that are the hallmarks of Leica, as users may choose between three film modes: Standard, Vivid Colors and Smooth Colors, depending on their personal preferences. With meticulous calibration of the P9’s camera parameters, each film mode faithfully renders the authentic color and style of Leica. By selecting the monochrome mode, P9 users can use their devices as a true monochrome camera to capture powerful and evocative black and white images of superior quality.

Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]

Deploying Huawei’s Hybrid Focus technology, the P9 captures images with superior speed, accuracy and stability. The P9 supports camera focusing based on three methodologies – laser, depth calculation and contrast – and automatically selects the one that yields the best result in any given environment.

The wide-aperture photography feature on the P9 allows users to experiment with innovative visual effects to create unique images and content. The P9 makes it easy to adjust the camera aperture to create bokeh and other depth-of-field effects, while keeping the main object in sharp focus.

“Leica and Huawei share an uncompromising commitment to imaging excellence, and our partnership will put outstanding photography into the hands of more consumers around the world,” said Oliver Kaltner, CEO, Leica Camera AG. “We are deepening our collaboration to give users a more optimal smartphone photography experience.”

Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]

Industrial Design
The P9 is a masterpiece of state-of the-art industrial design, with the same minimalist design DNA as earlier products in Huawei’s acclaimed flagship P-series of premium smartphones. Each P9 device is a perfect construct of superior-grade 2.5D glass and an aerospace-class aluminum, with diamond-cut edges rounded out by carefully balanced curvatures.

The 64GB version of the P9 comes in a stunning and unique Haze Gold finish, setting new industry standards in industrial design, with the use of techniques including brushed hairlines and metal polishing at micron-level precision to create a translucent metal surface. Additionally, the Ceramic White version of the P9 is smoother than the painted bodywork of premium cars, reflecting and refracting light to present different shades of awe-inspiring colors as ambient conditions change.

Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]

Power and Performance
The P9 is equipped with the power, connectivity and speed that today’s high-end smartphone user expects from Huawei. With a 5.2-inch 1080p display, the P9 is powered by the new Kirin 955 2.5GHz 64-bit ARM-based processor for leading-class mobile performance. The 3,000mAh high-density battery offers P9 users outstanding mobility and battery life.

Huawei is also unveiling the P9 Plus, featuring a 5.5-inch Press Touch display and a larger 3,400mAh battery. The P9 Plus also offers dual-IC Rapid Charge, giving users six hours of talk time after a 10-minute charge.

Leveraging Huawei’s industry-leading capabilities in telecommunications, the P9 and P9 Plus offer unrivaled new features including a virtual-triple-antenna architecture, designed for users who need robust and seamless connectivity to cellular and Wi-Fi networks to fully harness the power of the mobile Internet no matter where they are in the world.

The P9 and P9 Plus also protect users’ privacy and information security with Huawei’s world-leading biometric fingerprint recognition technology. The enhanced fingerprint sensor allows users to personalize and safeguard their devices by significantly lowering the possibility of fraudulent or accidental device access, while also ensuring users can quickly and securely access their smartphone.

The 32GB P9 starts at €599 and the 64 GB P9 Plus costs €749. The device will launch in Europe on April 16th.

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Huawei's New P9 and P9 Plus Smartphones Feature Leica Dual Lens Camera [Video]
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AladinTECH - April 7, 2016 at 10:30pm
havent Lewis got it first?
@&/:*%#! - April 7, 2016 at 4:15am
The collaboration with Leica is nice though, but the details and build are iPhone copied. Just look at the colors they even included rose gold which is the same color palette of Apple's.
@&/:*%#! - April 7, 2016 at 4:10am
Those who release before they got the idea from Apple are all half-baked features. For example the Samsung's finger print sensor. They released a phone with a finger print sensor but you need to swipe it down in order to open. Later they replaced it with the same function as the iPhone's where you just place your finger to activate the sensor. Sometimes there are things that needs to be polished before releasing something that will be a main feature of a phone. Let's just see how this perform against iPhone's dual lens soon.
THEBESTONE - April 8, 2016 at 1:38am
@&/:*%#! - You think Apple has innovation, you want to talk polish right? Lets start by the design of an iPhone, Samsung is light years ahead of apple in terms of TECHNOLOGY. They made a display, which is super high in DPI, and dont be one of those stupid people that say OHHHHH 326 DPI is more than enough, I can tell the difference big time, thats like you saying 720P is enough and 4K is trash, you can see it on that small screen I can see a big difference. Apple stole the ideas from HTC and other brands, and also, apple didnt invent a metal body bendgate phone first, their were other companies who has that body, way before apple. Also, yout stupid Apple Pay that only works in certain merchants is a USELESS feature, SAMSUNG polished and made it compatible to use with every CC there is, so shut up before you say something. And you want to talk about lens, leica is the best company for cameras, plus its like MADE IN GERMANY, unlike apple ASSEMBLED IN USA and MADE IN CHINA, at the bottom line, its MADE IN CHINA, and anything that is MADE IN CHINA is PURE CRAP, This is why the most best iPhone you have thats worth 1000s of dollars, doesnt even support more than 1080p, The only diffrence why apple is a "GOOD PHONE" is because APPLE is a "SOFTWARE COMPANY" not a "CELL PHONE COMPANY" they are good at the O/S thats it. If you are simple minded person who are dumb, and most users who use iPhone are dumb, because they can still sell you an iPhone 5 in a iPhone SE body, and you will still buy it, because AMERICANS are suckers and dummies, they will buy CRAP. People want to be free, they want to do what they please with their phones, Then why when you buy I car you want to modify it, but everything basic with nothing inside and call it a day. Smart people use ANDROID, stupid people use IOS, same goes with WINDOWS versus MAC OS, what software you have on MAC OS, NOTHING, most of the stuff on the web is all Windows based, unlike crapware mac os, that runs a few things, and also MAC OS gets viruses too. If you like your crappy phone, LIKE IT, dont go on hating what other people like. What is the best browser you use dummy? GOOGLE right? Thats GOOGLE? and what does google make Android, They are the best search engine, if you dont like Android products, dont use google, dont use anything related to google, USE your crappy IOS mail. GOOGLE will always be the best and in time Android will overtake Apple in the OS, once its perfected. So STFU.
@&/:*%#! - April 8, 2016 at 10:56am
THEBESTONE - I know Leica and they make great cameras and it is made in Germany. Samdroid Fandroid Alert!!! Samsung I don't think so they are ahead of the technology as you claim. If you know about Samsung's history they have a bad reputation of copies and knock-offs. You said that Apple copied the companies you say? How come the already existing phone manufacturers standardized the design and UI of their phones based on the first release of the iPhone. Android phone designs and features today are sugar-coated and only follow Apple's lead. Why? If they really design phone's for innovation how come Samsung released Samsung pay when Apple released Apple pay and say their's is greater? The idea is from Apple in the first place. Mobile payments existed already before - through apps Apple revolutionized it and others follow. Apple is giving business to Samsung in terms of manufacturing and the designs of the chips, screen are from Apple. I know Samsung has the 4k screen technology in their TV screens but Apple already has the 5k screen in their iMacs. About google browser. Surely they have a good search engine and they need to be in the devices but not exclusively. In the iPhone the search engine can be set to yahoo, bing and duckduckgo. With tons of malware and viruses for Android I don't think they will ever end up perfecting their OS because they are too busy cleaning up the mess. Enough of the crappy Samsung debate. The guy here is off the topic. I have no objection on Leica being a good camera maker but the idea of dual lens system is first leaked from Apple and as I said in my previous comment being half-baked because they released it immediately before Apple release their's just to say they are the first to release it. I noticed that with other phone manufacturers when they race against Apple's phone release is that there will be problems because of how they have implemented it. One example is Samsung's first release of the finger print sensor in the S5 is a disaster. You need to swipe your finger to activate it and not what iPhone 5s did with just a rest of a finger and later in the S6 they fixed their's with also a pressing gesture. We'll see how this will perform when it is released.
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