Apple to Move to a 3 Year iPhone Refresh Cycle [Report]

Apple to Move to a 3 Year iPhone Refresh Cycle [Report]

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Apple is likely moving to a three year refresh cycle for its iPhone, a year longer than typical, reports Nikkei. This falls in line with rumors that Apple's next iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 6s with an improved camera, simplified antenna bands, no headphone jack, and a faster processor.

The move is likely to affect suppliers in Japan, Taiwan, and other parts of Asian that rely on the iPhone for much of their revenue.

The new version slated for this autumn will look almost identical to the current iPhone 6. Functions such as the camera, water resistance and battery capacity will likely be improved, and the headphone jack will be removed. Also, a high-end version of the model will give users better-quality photo capabilities via correction functions.

Sales of the iPhone this are expected to fall below last years sales of 230 million units; however, as rumored 2017 could bring a major update to the smartphone coinciding with the 10th anniversary of its launch.

The 2017 model will likely involve major enhancements and design changes, including adoption of an organic electroluminescent display. The new device will also be able to create more complex tactile vibrations on the display because of a tiny, but high-performance motor equipped inside.

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Apple to Move to a 3 Year iPhone Refresh Cycle [Report]

Paklan - June 4, 2016 at 2:34am
iPhone will be another Blackberry if they still with their arrogance style.
Archisk - June 4, 2016 at 4:21am
1. If apple were to be the new blackberry, there would have to be another company to make a phone that's revolutionary as if they were repeating the 2007 event to begin with, but if that were to happen and if apple stocked to the way they were, this would be the case. 2. what arrogance? Apple is still appealing to people that still like the new iPhones and the sales are still going up even if the numbers sold in between two different phones released has decreased (I don't want to go into too much detail on that). People did like the camera updates they tried to bring to it and I also love it. 3. Just wait until the iPhone 7 will come. The CEO said there will be long waited features and judging how Apple Pay took mobile wallet the next step, I think these features will do so to. Never mind the fact that it's not an s model.
Ynona - June 1, 2016 at 5:24pm
If Apple does this they will put yet another nail in their coffin. As an Apple user I've watched the other companies catch up with and pass Apple with their technology. They've gone from great to just good. I've only hung on because of their eco system and refuse the android platform but Apple is continually getting more careless with their updates and if they continue down this path they will loose more of their dedicated customers who used to upgrade regularly. If they change their cycle to 3 years this will be an even greater opportunity for other companies to further their technology gain. Go ahead Apple, become another part of history like Atari did or smarten up, become innovative again and be the company you once were.
Yvena - June 1, 2016 at 5:33pm
1. Another nail in the coffin? What in the name of God are you talking about. The iPhone is still doing okay than most companies out there, the iPad is easily beating the competition if you haven't noticed, and the Mac family is doing well as usual and of course, the OS themselves are still getting better. 2. Careless? Do you not know how many new features in s models continue to come and what companies continue to copy apple with what they originally made just for others to steal? 3. Apple is still the company they were. They're still the top global brand, they still have posetive reviews on recent released products, and they're still alive as if no one is replacing them, but switching to a 3 year cycle won't do much harm. This may give Apple more time to make the iPhone and change some things in case of new technology in order to make waiting for a new iPhone pay off even more. I'm an Apple user and I only have so much time in the world to save up slowly for a new iPhone. I wouldn't mind this change for the cycle.
clown - June 1, 2016 at 6:10am
Ultimately the phones are somewhat faster, take a picture a little better. The fact is most people just make phone calls on them , play some music, Or search the web. They've nearly identical .
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