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iTunes Store Will Not Sell Michael Jacksons 'This Is It' Album

iTunes Store Will Not Sell Michael Jacksons 'This Is It' Album

Posted October 14, 2009 at 12:10pm · 4 comments · Add Comment
MakesMoves - October 14, 2009 at 2:00pm
There will always be those who convict a man without evidence even in his death even in a country built on the premise of innocent until proven guilty. The last "victim" came out crying recently, in tears sorry for what his father had told him to do in accusing Michael just to get money. It's sad that it took his death to move him to do that, something that would've been much more constructive during the trial. We all failed him, a man who was a musical genious that didn't toe the line on the way we believe celebrities should react to a 50 year life of constant intrusive and abusive light. His body of work speaks for itself. When someone accomplished so much for others as well as himself it's crazy to think that some people would try to bury him in hate especially when all he was about was music and charity. It's sad but those same people have a unique hate in their own heart that only they can truly extinguish, agonizing to know you just can't reach some people.
Dev - October 14, 2009 at 2:23pm
It figures that the post was made by "Jay". Don't be concerned with what he has to say, he is a tool bag. Micheal Jackson wasn't a child molester, get your facts straight.
Jay - October 14, 2009 at 4:02pm
The fact is, is that he was a fucken freak. Listen up here buttercup there are about 5 other people on this website that post as "Jay" also get your facts straight asshole. The guy was weird he had parties with little kids and sleep overs. There are numerous people that say he touched them. He went to court how many times for this shit? Ya thats what I thought... Never was convicted because he had the money to protect his black/white ass.
MakesMoves - October 14, 2009 at 4:37pm
Just by the way that you talk I can tell that you have a lot of hate in your system. You should start there before you become an embodiment of it. The point is our justice system is flawed. Yes. Our society even more so. Now as a Parent, would you accept money as payment for a man molesting your child or would you be unable to sleep at night knowing that you allowed him to freely perform any such acts on another child by accepting the payment? How much is your conscience worth? It is common sense that people accuse and sometimes entrap rich people with scenarios that are unprovable but damaging nonetheless. This I believe as vehemetly as you believe your storyline is what happened. If there was proof, he would've been in jail. Did he buy the Parent, the Judge and the Jury also? Evidence stands up in a court of law. Witnesses lie fir money. People got paid when they brought Michael to court, plain and simple. That was the motivation. Why would a molested child turn on his own Father and lie by saying his Father told him to do it for $$$? Being weird is not the same as being guilty, if so I would like to submit you, myself and all others to be judged and convicted. This is America and people have forgotten that innocent until proven guilty is the corner stone of our judicial system. An accused man is the same as a guilty man in today world. Michael never hurt anyone and had more fans than this country has people. He is dead.
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