IK Multimedia Unveils iRig Pro I/O, Launches iRig Acoustic Stage

IK Multimedia Unveils iRig Pro I/O, Launches iRig Acoustic Stage

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IK Multimedia has unveiled iRig Pro I/O, a new personal audio/MIDI interface, and launched iRig Acoustic Stage, a digital microphone system for acoustic guitar.

The new iRig Pro I/O gives musicians and producers a pocket-sized mobile personal recording studio for all platforms, with high-definition audio I/O, professional quality preamp, MIDI input/output, a huge software bundle and more.

iRig Pro I/O
iRig Pro I/O is designed for all your gear — studio mics, vocal mics, guitars, basses, keyboards, sound modules, MIDI Controllers, you name it! iRig Pro I/O features 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, and a 96kHz sample rate for professional quality audio on the go. You can even supply 48V of phantom power to the XLR jack for your active condensers. Plus, you can dial in the perfect and precise amount of gain with the new marked gain control knob. iRig Pro I/O also features a 1/4" Hi-Z input that easily handles passive and active pickup configurations. iRig Pro I/O features a new 1/8" stereo headphone out with preamp and level control, making it compatible with even the most recent iOS devices.

IK Multimedia Unveils iRig Pro I/O, Launches iRig Acoustic Stage

In addition to the MIDI IN jack, iRig Pro I/O now features a MIDI OUT (thru) for even more routing flexibility. Now you can connect your outboard keyboards, controllers and sound modules and even control surfaces with just one simple interface. iRig Pro I/O comes complete with two standard 5-pin MIDI to 2.5 mm cables for hookup.

● Power up
iRig Pro I/O has multiple power options depending upon your recording preferences. When used as a standalone interface for iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can power iRig Pro I/O with 2 x AA batteries that also provide switchable 48V phantom power. When use with the optional 5.4V DC PSU, iRig Pro I/O will charge your iPhone or iPad while plugged in for endless or extended recording and playing sessions. When used with a Mac/PC, iRig Pro I/O gets its power from the USB port and the connected laptop. Whichever method you choose, iRig Pro I/O will adapt and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

● Fully Loaded
iRig Pro I/O comes with over $/€550 worth of full version IK Software including AmpliTube for iOS, AmpliTube 4 for Mac/PC, SampleTank 3 SE, T-RackS Deluxe with Mic Room, and more.

iRig Pro I/O will be available in April 2017 for $/€149.99.

iRig Acoustic Stage
iRig Acoustic Stage is the new high-tech solution for accurately reproducing the full sound of acoustic guitars and other instruments with studio-quality sound live on stage and in the studio.

● Built for the Stage and Project/Home-Studio
If you have an audio interface, simply plug iRig Acoustic Stage into the analog input. No Interface? iRig Acoustic Stage also features an integrated class-compliant USB audio output for direct connection to your computer or compatible device.

● Acoustic Preamp and Built-in DSP
iRig Acoustic Stage analyzes the incoming signal from your guitar, both the overall sound and nuance of the instrument and the playing technique and builds the optimum tone profile for the instrument. The tone profile can then be enhanced through the use of 6 selectable tone presets, depending on the playing situation. iRig Acoustic Stage gives you 3 presets for steel string instruments — natural, warm, bright — and the same 3 optimized for nylon string instruments.

● Perfect for Acoustic-Electrics
iRig Acoustic Stage also features an AUX input with a volume (MIX) control. This input is designed for use with your acoustic electric’s onboard piezo or magnetic pickup. You can use iRig Acoustic Stage in combination with a piezo pickup system and blend in just the right amount of microphone signal while avoiding uncontrollable harsh feedback.

● USB Digital Recording Output
iRig Acoustic Stage features a class-compliant USB audio output making it perfect for direct connection to a computer or a mobile device for plug-and-play recording in any compatible DAW or recording app.

iRig Acoustic Stage is available now for $/€99.99 (excl. taxes).

IK Multimedia Unveils iRig Pro I/O, Launches iRig Acoustic Stage

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