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Japan Display to Start Producing Flexible LCDs

Japan Display to Start Producing Flexible LCDs

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Japan Display says it will being producing flexible LCDs next year, a move that reduces costs by adapting existing technology, reports the WSJ.

The new displays would compete against flexible OLED technology used by smartphones such as the Galaxy Edge.

Rival LCD screens couldn’t bend because they include a glass layer, which is why the LCD screens on Apple’s iPhone series—some made by Japan Display—are flat. Japan Display’s new LCD uses plastic instead of glass. While not as flexible as OLED screens, Japan Display’s chief operating officer, Shuji Aruga, said it is flexible enough to be used in Galaxy Edge-type designs.

Japan Display says that some smartphone makers have already agreed to adopt flexible LCD but wouldn't specify which ones those were.

“Mass production is planned from 2018, and we wouldn’t do that without demand from our clients,” said COO Shuji Aruga.

Apple is one of Japan Display's clients; however, the company is rumored to be moving to OLED for the next generation iPhone. Rival display makers including Japan Display are said to be clamoring for orders. Currently, it's believed that Samsung has captured all orders for this year's new iPhone.

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Japan Display to Start Producing Flexible LCDs