Tile Announces Partnerships With Bose, Comcast, Samsonite, Others

Tile Announces Partnerships With Bose, Comcast, Samsonite, Others

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Tile has announced several new partnerships to further its smart location platform. The company makes the Tile Mate, a small Bluetooth tracker that attaches to keychains and anything you don't want to lose.

“With the Tile Platform, we’re extending the finding power of Tile and its global community to leading brands spanning audio, travel, transportation and even digital health management,” said Mike Farley, CEO and Co-Founder of Tile. “Whether it’s a pair of wireless headphones, a suitcase filled with precious memories, or a life-saving connected inhaler, we want to make sure consumers can find their items no matter where they are, whether under the couch or halfway around the world.”

Tile has announced three partnerships that will see Tile integrated directly into devices:
● The company today announced it is working with leading consumer electronics company, Bose. Beginning late spring 2018, Bose SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones will come with Tile technology embedded inside, allowing users to ring their headphones when misplaced or tap into the Tile community when truly lost.
● Tile also welcomes Samsonite to the Platform. With a global pilot scheduled for spring 2018, Tile and Samsonite are working together to define and create next-generation luggage.
● Propeller Health is now working with Tile to integrate Tile technology into its sensors. Through Propeller's connected inhalers, digital interfaces and personalized insights, it will now be easier than ever to ensure asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients are able to find important inhalers and information.

Additionally, Tile has announced partnerships to create additional access points to receive location information. This will increase likelihood of finding lost items while reducing the time required to do so.

● Tile and global media and technology leader, Comcast, are teaming up to minimize loss and explore ways to improve the smart home experience.
● Ruckus Networks, a leader in secure access networks, has partnered with Tile to detect Tile-enabled items from indoor and outdoor access points.
● San Jose International Airport, the fastest growing airport in the United States, has also joined the Tile Platform. Tile is blanketing the San Jose International Airport with Tile access points to help find lost items throughout the airport in near real-time.

Additional Platform partners include Herschel Supply, Boosted Boards, Bianca and Starling by VersaMe.

You can check out Tile's selection of products at the link below...

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Tile Announces Partnerships With Bose, Comcast, Samsonite, Others

4 leaf clover - January 11, 2018 at 5:32am
Wow instead of people using there dogs ???? to find there snatch , they can play tag and locate it.