Cinematic Footage Shot in Sequoia National Park With an iPhone 11 Pro Max [Video]

Cinematic Footage Shot in Sequoia National Park With an iPhone 11 Pro Max [Video]

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Check out this cinematic footage shot in Sequoia National Park with a new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The footage was posted to YouTube by Matteo Bertoli Visuals, alongside some thoughts about the improved camera.

Last weekend I took my iPhone 11 Pro Max for a test in Sequoia National Park. I decided to mainly test the ultra wide angle camera and what a better subject to film than those huge trees? In terms of camera, we need to separate photos from videos. In the first case the 11 Pro is a huge update compared to the last year model. Photos look better, night mode is insane, portrait mode is improved and the wide angle camera really makes a big difference when you are trying to capture landscape or architecture.

In terms of videos I noticed a slight improvement in terms of noise (on the wide and telephoto lens) and mainly bug fixes from previous model. For example the extended dynamic range was working very bad for me on the iPhone X/XR/Xs; the skin tones used to look very weird and when I was filming sunset/sunrise there was something off in the way the iPhone was managing the highlights. Now that is fixed the image look way more natural. The stabilization is absolutely incredible and I think we got to a point where you don’t need a gimbal anymore, period. I’ve never seen anything like that and even on the ultra wide angle camera (which doesn’t have optical IS) the software does an amazing job in stabilizing the footage. I actually brought my tripod and slider with me, but I’ve never used them since I was able to do all my camera movements handheld.

Take a look below and click through to read the rest of the review!

satheesh - September 24, 2019 at 11:35am
When release iOS 13.1
satheesh - September 24, 2019 at 11:34am
When release iOS 13.1
nocci - September 24, 2019 at 3:36am
Glad to see these parks like this still stand if you know what I mean!