Backblaze Announces S3 Compatible APIs for B2 Cloud

Backblaze Announces S3 Compatible APIs for B2 Cloud

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Backblaze has announced the launch of S3 Compatible APIs for B2 Cloud.

In practical terms, this launch means that you can now instantly plug into the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage service by doing little more than pointing your data to a new destination. There’s no need to write new code, no change in workflow, and no downtime. Our S3 Compatible APIs are ready to use, and our solutions engineering team is ready to help you get started.

"With B2 Cloud Storage S3 Compatible APIs, we’re making the choice for something different a no-brainer", says Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman. "While there are all new ways to use Backblaze B2, our pricing is unchanged. We remain the affordability leader, and our prices have nothing to hide. With Backblaze, customers don’t need to choose what data they actually use—all data is instantly available."

B2 Cloud Storage undercuts Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's Azure, and Google's Cloud on price. Check out a comparison here.

A number of partners will support the new S3 Compatible APIs at launch. They include Cinnafilm, IBM Aspera, Igneous, LucidLink, Marquis, Masstech, Primestream, Quantum, Scale Logic, Storage Made Easy, Studio Network Solutions, Veeam, Venera Technologies, Vidispine, and Xendata.

If you're looking for a solution for backing your computer, Backblaze is also a top choice. You can check out their personal backup solution here and business backup solution here. Unlimited backup costs just $6/mth, $60/yr, or $110/2yrs for one device.

More details about B2 Cloud at the link below!

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Backblaze Announces S3 Compatible APIs for B2 Cloud