LG Launches New XBOOM Go PL Bluetooth Speakers

LG Launches New XBOOM Go PL Bluetooth Speakers

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LG has announced the launch of a new XBOOM Go PL series of portable Bluetooth speakers with Meridian technology.

The LG XBOOM Go PL teams up with Meridian -- the world's leading high-resolution audio brand -- to deliver enhanced bass, clearer vocals and an exceptional listening experience. With enhanced usability, a stylish new design, compact size and long battery life (up to 24 hours) LG XBOOM Go PL is the perfect solution for premium audio on-the-go enjoyment.

LG Launches New XBOOM Go PL Bluetooth Speakers

There are three speakers in the lineup, the PL2, PL5, and PL7. The smallest PL2 gets up to 10 hours of playback, the PL5 lasts for up to 18 hours, and the PL7 goes for up to 24 hours. Here are some of the highlighted features...

Meridian's advanced audio technology delivers premium quality sound with deep bass, rich treble and clear vocals. The exceptional bass is driven by the inclusion of Dual Action Bass (PL7 and PL5) which uses passive radiators to pump out dynamic bass and bold beats that users can both feel and hear. For a wide sound stage with excellent detail across the higher frequencies, the PL7 speaker also employs dual tweeters.

The XBOOM Go lineup also pairs impressive audio quality with party-optimized features including Dual Play (PL7, PL5 and PL2) to allow two LG speakers to be connected together and create an even more immersive sound experience. The water resistant (IPX5 rated) PL series also provides peace of mind in various settings from casual dinner parties to outdoor adventures.

To complement the XBOOM Go PL's excellent audio quality and add an element of visual excitement to the experience, the LG XBOOM Go PL speakers include a Multi-Color Lighting feature (PL7 and PL5) employing a three-step process to detect tempo based on soundwaves, and producing pulses of LED lighting in sync with the speed and beat of the song.

The lineup also supports hands-free functionality, voice commands and multi-phone pairing. Users can also control the speaker from a mobile device. When you download the LG XBOOM Bluetooth app (available on Android and iOS), you can manage the audio connection, lighting effects, playlists, equalizer and more with just a few clicks.

The XBOOM Go PL speakers are available for purchase now at the links below...

LG PL2 XBOOM Go - $76.99
LG PL5 XBOOM Go - $126.99
LG PL7 XBOOM Go - $179.99

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