EFF Launches Petition - 'Tell Apple: Don't Scan Our Phones'

EFF Launches Petition - 'Tell Apple: Don't Scan Our Phones'

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a petition in protest of Apple's plan to start scanning user photos and messages for child pornography.

Apple has abandoned its once-famous commitment to security and privacy. The next version of iOS will contain software that scans users’ photos and messages. Under pressure from U.S. law enforcement, Apple has put a backdoor into their encryption system. Sign our petition and tell Apple to stop its plan to scan our phones. Users need to speak up say this violation of our privacy is wrong.

Here is the letter the EFF is asking users to sign.

August 18, 2021
Don't Scan Our Phones
The “child safety” changes Apple plans to install on iOS 15 and macOS Monterey undermine user privacy, and break the promise of end-to-end encryption.

I urge Apple to reconsider these systems. Continuous scanning of images won’t make kids safer, and may well put more of them in danger. Installing the photo-scanning software on our phones will spur governments around the world to ask for more surveillance and censorship abilities than they already have.


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You can learn more about the EFF's concerns here. You can read Apple's FAQ here.

Hit the link below to sign the petition...

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EFF Launches Petition - 'Tell Apple: Don't Scan Our Phones'