20 Designs Samsung Copied From Apple [Images]

20 Designs Samsung Copied From Apple [Images]

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Nicklazilla has compiled a list of a few designs that Samsung has copied from Apple.

I thought it would be fun to comprise a list of some of the things Samsung has copied form Apple recently. These are just the things I remember from the top of my head, but all of a sudden I had 20 items on the list - but that must be a coincidence, right? Because - as you probably know by now - Samsung gets inspired by bowls of water. Clearly not Apple.

Take a look at a few below or hit the link for more!

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20 Designs Samsung Copied From Apple [Images]
20 Designs Samsung Copied From Apple [Images]
20 Designs Samsung Copied From Apple [Images]

Anonymous - November 19, 2012 at 12:52am
Samsung copied Apple.... Yeah right. Where's the proof? The phones are the same rectangular shape, what do you expect... For Samsung to make a triangle phone. Every single device compared is completely different. I mean look at the technical specifications compared to apple devices, first when the iPhone is compared to the Galaxy S, The iPhone has a single-core processor running at 412mhz and also ONLY has 128 mb of ram. While the Galaxy s on the hand has a Single core processor running at 1ghz (Yes, almost twice as much as the iphone's speed.) and with 512 mb of ram which triples the iPhone's amount of ram. Also the Screen is so much bigger. Samsung has never copied Apple and has always has had better products. Apple fanboys...
Jona - November 19, 2012 at 1:00am
Man your a retard ! Why dont you post your real name? scared people find out what a 10 year old turd you are??
Oliver Morris - December 9, 2012 at 7:16pm
Hey I will stand up for this guy mainly because only a prick would waste time comparing the two companies sure the maybe similar but does that give you the right to slag people off in the comments. NO! so shut the fuck up because you are probably 10 years old and for the record before you call a young prick. I am 16 so I know what I am talking about. I have A* in Business Studies, a B in IT and a Java Script developer so go fuck yourself =D
Jona - December 10, 2012 at 2:13am
@ Oliver Morris, I guess you should take your fantasy A in business and B in IT, and shove them both up your ass fantasy boy! PS for such a young educated turd as you state (lol BS)you sure cant write properly, so go get an A in English puppy.
Ifthi - August 13, 2012 at 9:22pm
Not only 10 each and everything was copied
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