Apple to Announce iPhone 6 on September 15th, Release on September 25th?

Apple to Announce iPhone 6 on September 15th, Release on September 25th?

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A new report from citing 'inside sources' claims that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 on September 15th and it will go on sale September 25th. GforGames notes that the source suggests China will be among the first countries to the device, leaving some possibility for a U.S. launch on September 19th as previously rumored.

This new report indicates that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will go on sale in China for 5,288 yuan, which roughly translates into $850. This comes in line with an earlier report which stated that the 32GB model will sell for the exact same price. Currently, the 16GB iPhone 5S is priced the same, in China. Moving on to the 5.5 inch model, which will allegedly be called the “iPhone Air”, the report says that the smartphone will hit the shelves alongside a price tag of 5,998 yuan, or $965.

China Mobile and China Unicom are allegedly testing their 4G network on an iPhone 6 prototype. In May, China Mobile CEO Li Yue revealed that about half of their 2.8 million 4G LTE subscribers are iPhone users.

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Apple to Announce iPhone 6 on September 15th, Release on September 25th?

Joeoeo - July 6, 2014 at 1:52am
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Fukscrawn John - July 6, 2014 at 1:55am
Your comment is a real joke. Jailbreaking allows unlimited countless amount of tweaks android doesn't have, but iPhone itself is more functional than android, it even has more apps and features that actually work that are also memory efficient.
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