Apple Acquires Camel Audio

Apple Acquires Camel Audio

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Apple appears to have acquired Camel Audio, the maker of various instruments, effect plug-ins, and sound libraries, reports MacRumors.

In January, the company closed up shop providing only this message to customers:

January 8, 2015

We would like to thank you for the support we’ve received over the years in our efforts to create instruments and effects plug-ins and sound libraries.

Camel Audio’s plug-ins, Alchemy Mobile IAPs and sound libraries are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to provide downloads of your previous purchases and email support until July 7, 2015. We recommend you download all of your purchases and back them up so that you can continue to use them (Instructions: How to Download and Backup Your Products).

While an acquisition had been speculated, new information indicates that Camel Audio was purchased by Apple. The company's address has been updated to 100 New Bridge Street which is Apple's address in London and the company's sole director is now Heather Joy Morrison, an Apple lawyer.

Camel Audio's Alchemy software was a popular manipulation synthesizer and featured additive, spectral and granular synthesis and resynthesis, sampling, a virtual analog engine with unison and PWM, analog modelled filters, a flexible rack of effects, a powerful arpeggiator with the ability to import the groove from any MIDI file for immediate synchronization to a beat, over 5.5GB of samples and analysed content, a library of over 650 excellent presets, and more. It's thought that perhaps Apple is planning to integrate these features into Logic Pro X or even GarageBand.

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Apple Acquires Camel Audio

CryMeARiver - February 24, 2015 at 2:53pm
Beats Audio is totally separate and has nothing to do with Camel Audio. They can live and operate under the same roof and yet never bump into each other. Read the article again brah! :)
Wtf - February 24, 2015 at 2:03pm
So, they are done with beats audio. I knew that was a short thing.
JollySonX - February 24, 2015 at 12:31pm
Better than acquiring a camel toe
Joe Perve - February 24, 2015 at 8:34pm
Dude, you are both gay. I want me some camel toe! Oh yahhhh