Mass Production of Apple's New A9 Chip Has Reportedly Begun

Mass Production of Apple's New A9 Chip Has Reportedly Begun

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Samsung and TSMC have started volume production of the Apple A9 processor for the next generation iPhone, according to DigiTimes.

Just before production kicked off, Apple requested modifications to the mask patterns prompting both contract chipmakers to rework wafers, said the sources. Nevertheless, the event should not interrupt the new iPhone launch schedule, the sources noted.

Notably, the site says TSMC won't start mass production of A9 chips on its 16nm FinFET process until the fourth quarter of 2015.

TSMC is also said to be contracted to manufacture fingerprint sensors and audio chips at its 12-inch fabs.

Previous reports suggested TSMC would use its 65nm fabrication process to supply fingerprint sensors for the next-generation iPhones expected in the fall of 2015. In addition, the foundry will reportedly manufacture iPhone chips for Cirrus Logic using 45/55nm process technologies.

Apple is said to have placed a record breaking initial order of 85-90 million next generation iPhones.

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Mass Production of Apple's New A9 Chip Has Reportedly Begun

Bhatutta - July 16, 2015 at 6:40pm
Apple paying Samsung money to make their chips for them. With all that profit they made you would think Apple would actually try detach itself from Samsung and spend that mountain of cash to build it's own fab. iPhone, that Apple branded Samsung phone.. and best of all, made in China together with all other things that need to manufactured cheaply.
My Ballss - July 16, 2015 at 3:02pm
I hope they add 2GB of ram to the next iPhone. Missing that on the 6, it can't handle that much as of now.
Flozz - July 16, 2015 at 4:38pm
It makes sense to have it because the a#x chip on the iPad compared to previous chips on iPhone as always (unless the same chip is used until the chip next year gets a huge boost) mean more power. Why else won't it come with 2gb of ram. If you think about what I just said, iPhone gets an a# chip when iPad sometimes gets a bit more performance capabilities when the next chip uses the same number but with an x. This is enough to tell how 2gb of ram was used last time so why not?
King Rollo - July 19, 2015 at 8:59pm
Really? Why?