iPhone 6s to Feature 5MP Front Camera, No Sapphire Cover Lens on Rear Camera?

iPhone 6s to Feature 5MP Front Camera, No Sapphire Cover Lens on Rear Camera?

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A new report from KGI detailing expectations for the iPhone 6s predicts that the device will feature a 5MP front camera. The report also suggests that the rear camera may not have a sapphire cover lens.

Aside from upgrading rear camera module to 12MP, Apple will upgrade front camera module to 5MP […] The new iPhone may not be equipped with sapphire cover lens, as it still has quality issues on the drop test.

Although sapphire is much more scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass, it is more brittle, and thus at greater risk of shattering when dropped.

KGI also reiterated its concerns over the limited appeal of the new features and external factors that could result in flat or negative growth.

If Force Touch fails to create attractive selling points, together with slowing consumption in China and mobile operators cutting subsidies for high-end smartphones, we expect shipments of new iPhone in 2015F to be flattish from or slightly lower than the combined 73mn units sold of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year.

The other specs predicted for the iPhone 6s are similar to what we've already heard. ie 16/64/128GB storage tiers, 12MP rear camera, Force Touch, rose gold color, etc.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6s on September 9th. Please follow iClarified on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or RSS for updates.

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iPhone 6s to Feature 5MP Front Camera, No Sapphire Cover Lens on Rear Camera?

bigjiba - September 3, 2015 at 4:50pm
damn. apple becoming so cheap. drop the 16gb. and don't cheap out the sapphire. you use it on the home button. why not take out of that. heck, why not just swap the screen to plastic. i never heard anyone cracking the small camera glass. this is stupid, they want to save on cost? the front screen isn't even gorilla glass! it's crap ion x stuff. seriously, samsung is putting better hardware and apple is reducing. apple used to be the brand with the best materials. and get in the quick charge technology if you are not gonna offer a bigger battery option.
Nat - September 3, 2015 at 9:51pm
Frickin serious? 1. They dropped the 16gb model to replace it with greater GB storage for he same price like they did with the 6 when they dropped 32 replacing it with 64gb since there is a 128gb option. You think THAT'S cheap? 2. There was issues trying to get enough orders from getting sapphire. They don't make sapphire first off. If Apple isn't offering better material, explain why they are using way stronger material to resist bending which is NOT TO MENTION twice as strong as the material on the 6. 3. Samsung onmy has better materials since they produce their own or how some factory's that work with them for quite a while and Apple can't get their hands on it somehow. You tell me how Apple is causing any of these problems here? 4. This quick charging technology can already be done! Put your phone on airplane mode, use an iPad charger for the iPhone, and BOOM, instant charging around 30 minutes!
Great - September 3, 2015 at 11:14pm
Don't buy the 16gb option. You can get the other ones with higher gb. What's your problem?
bigjiba - September 4, 2015 at 2:28am
they got caught with the cheaper aluminum alloy which bended easier.(aluminum is super cheap and easy to manufacture anyway). you guys can apologize for apple, maybe you are secret samsung lovers and want to see them surpass apple. i'm gonna complain and get a better iPhone in my pocket. and btw i'm the guy who buys the 128gb iPhone. but doesn't mean i have to think the 16gb version is right. i like my apple eco system and i hate seeing apple starting to drag their feet(up the ram, hd, battery). i am serious in that steve jobs would have fired a bunch of people for these flaws that pop up. he wouldn't compromise for shareholders and make something awesome. i'm almost scared apple ran out of ideas and is deciding to just trickle specs out that are already industry standards on other phones.
Nat - September 4, 2015 at 2:45am
You got caught trying to defend what you expect. If you missed the recent test on he new and improved aluminum material (that even the 5s won't bend like the 6s) then it's obvious of how much they don't fck around. Plus, Apple is now deciding to add a little more to specs so they can meet fans demands or just show much much of a leap it makes. The more power the chip gets, the more skyrocket the performance comes out, the HD screen has improved since they made it laminate which makes everything look like it sits right on top of the phone at the edge, and the battery? There exists multiple chargers without the need for wall outlets to make your battery feel infinite, but if this says anything about apple's standards, all this means that they done just as good or better than what Jobs has bought us in most areas. He may be gone, but not the fate of Apple after Jobs built this company that meant so much to us. Apple never runs out of ideas. Look at the s models of iPhones for example and the work of iOS. Compare how it is now to what jobs did. How much went into new iPhones nowadays compared to his work, what about the Mac Pro? What about new stuff Apple comes out hey strive to improve on? Apples sales of nearly every product increase year after year. Another sign! Plus, the standards on other phones isn't as well executed as e pelted like 4gb of ram compared to the a8 chip. Is it programmed to work as good as you expect? Is that enough to outperform? Is it just as good as the a8 chip other than performance?
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