Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk Meet Privately With Trump Following Tech Summit [Video]

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk Meet Privately With Trump Following Tech Summit [Video]

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President-elect Donald Trump held a tech summit today with the leaders of America's top technology companies.

Trump began by saying, "Well I just wanted to thank everybody. This is a truly amazing group of people. I won't tell you the hundreds of calls we've had asking to come to this meeting."

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Tesla CEO Elon Musk Meet Privately With Trump Following Tech Summit [Video]

Attendees included Apple CEO Tim Cook; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; Tesla CEO Elon Musk; Alphabet CEO Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt; Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith; and the CEOs of Intel, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, and Palantir.

"I'm here to help you folks do well," said Trump. "We want you to keep going with the incredible innovation. There’s nobody like you in the world. There's nobody like the people in this room. Anything we can do to help this go long, we're going to be there for you. You'll call my people, you'll call me. It doesn’t make any difference. We have no formal chain of command around here."

Apple CEO Tim Cook of Tesla CEO Elon Musk were scheduled to stay at Trump Tower after the meeting to speak privately with Trump, reports the WSJ. While Trump has opposed Apple's encryption stance, he is in favor of a tax cut for repatriating offshore funds.

Take a look below to see a video of the opening few minutes of the meeting.

Justmythoughts - December 17, 2016 at 6:09am
The president elect is a joke in the worst way. He panders to anyone that is above him in status or wealth and steps on everyone below him. Carrier still sent 1,300 jobs to Mexico and is using those tax breaks to help automate one their plants in the US. He said the other day at one of he victory tour stops that, "We are going to have the biggest and best military and we probably won't even have to use it." Well how does he plan on defeating Isis if he doesn't use the military? With unicorns and spaceships, maybe? No formal chain of command, really?
Really? - December 18, 2016 at 4:55pm
How can you judge his actions when he isn't president yet? He can't make any changes yet and of course he's making nice with everyone, he still has to be elected in the electoral college tomorrow, after that it's official and he will 100% be our next president. He's certainly being a better leader than Obama considering obamas on vacation in Hawaii, Russia already wants to regain diplomatic ties because he hated Obama so much, that isn't a bad thing, with the two top world powers working hand in hand we will be unstoppable, we both have the same enemy's as them so not to be cliche but "an enemy of my enemy is my friend". Open your eyes snowflake!
Test - December 15, 2016 at 6:18pm
Trump is he real deal American hero. I like his attitude and drive. He has gathered all the big gunners into one room and instructed them to follow his example. Many of them will soon have no more than a couple of billions instead of the countless many they have today.
Marisolca - December 15, 2016 at 5:11pm
Super Great, Terrific, Marvelous, Trump is not yet at the White House but he is working to Make America Great Again :)
Suneel Aggarwal - December 15, 2016 at 4:03pm
Why do the Trump kids have the right to be in a meeting with the tech giants of the world and the president elect?
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