Apple's USB-C Discounts End Today

Apple's USB-C Discounts End Today

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Apple's discounts on USB-C adapters and accessories are set to end today. The company introduced the discounts following the release of the new MacBook Pro.

"We recognize that many users, especially pros, rely on legacy connectors to get work done today and they face a transition. We want to help them move to the latest technology and peripherals, as well as accelerate the growth of this new ecosystem. Through the end of the year, we are reducing prices on all USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals we sell, as well as the prices on Apple's USB-C adapters and cables.”

Apple already extended the discounts once from ending on December 31st to March 31st.

All prices for USB-C adapters were dropped by $6 to $20:
● USB-C to traditional USB adapter from $19 to $9
● Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter from $49 to $29
● USB-C to Lightning cable (1 meter) from $25 to $19
● USB-C to Lightning cable (2 meters) from $35 to $29
● Multiport adapter with HDMI, USB, and USB-C from $69 to $49
● Multiport adapter with VGA, USB, and USB-C from $69 to $49

Apple also cut prices of USB-C peripherals by around 25%. The SanDisk USB-C SD card reader is now $29, down from $49. The UltraFine 4K display now costs $524.00 down from $699.95. The UltraFine 5K is now $974.00 down from $1,299.95.

Today is your last chance to get these prices!

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Apple's USB-C Discounts End Today

galford - April 1, 2017 at 10:33am
Great timing, just after s8 comes up with headphone plug. I hope apple put that plug back, I will use my 6s as long as I can, it will take a while that apple could have understand why people not updating their phones, some bad decisions can kill a company, 10 years ago no one believes that there will be no Nokia in mobile industry
odedo1 - March 31, 2017 at 9:12pm
The idiots are you guys paying Apple those crazy prices first Apple made them super expensive and then pretends to give better prices when you can get on Amazon or from China those cables for $4 or less which are even better because they are not built to brake after a while something only Apple are experts on doing, the ones you'll get from Amazon or China will last forever and work perfectly and the reason I know is because I own my own shops selling Cell products and I get them all from China and because I buy in bulk I pay about a dollar a pice for any kind of cable not just for Apple and I also carry a few original Apple products for the customers that insists on buying only Apple and are paying time 5 or more for Apple original products so I know what I'm talking about especially when this people are the first to come and buy replacements, usually I don't even see the ones that bought the none Apple cables unless they come to buy other things or extra cables and if their also brake it's about a year longer, that's the new greedy Apple under Tim which money comes first products second!!! Exactly the opposite way of Steve, product first then profits!
Cristian - April 1, 2017 at 3:36am
Here's the thing, if they're not MFi certified, they could damage your device and even catch on fire. Yes, they're way cheaper because they haven't been tested for quality by Apple. Amazon cables are MFi certified but most cheap Chinese cables aren't. You're getting what you're paying for.
odedo1 - April 1, 2017 at 5:16am
I got all MFI and None MFI but the Chinese are not stupid MFI only means that it's Apple approved which also means that Apple gets payed for it, Any way when you buy from the Chinese they give you up to 3 choices 1 star cheap shit 2 stars ok and 3 stars best build which is always my choice and without MFI still very cheap and almost never break unlike Apple which are purposely made to brake, at the beginning I did used Apples cables and charges because there was no alternative but tight now I'm using a charger with 5 USB outlets 2100Ma each, been using it for already longer then 3 years on all my Apple devices without any problems whatsoever and I sell all kind of cables and chargers never had a complaint, it's all Apple putting the fear of god in people so they buy their products but if you think about it how many accidents have you Heard about? les then 10 out of billions it's only that Apple are making sure that everyone will hear about them like the one 2 weeks ago that got electrocuted while charging and taking a bath, well that's not the charger fault it's the fool who took electricity into water but Apple had to make sure that everyone will know that it wasn't an original Apple charger, do they really think that we are that stupid? Well I'm not, the fact is that even Apple chargers and cables are made in China, and another fact is that before it comes into the country it gets a government approval also EU Approval because I buy in bulks.
odedo1 - April 1, 2017 at 5:18am
And it's true you are getting what you are paying for but you also are paying to get fucked buy Apple so I guess you get 2 for 1.
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