Samsung Mocks iPhone X LTE Speeds in New Ad [Video]

Samsung Mocks iPhone X LTE Speeds in New Ad [Video]

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Samsung has posted a new ad entitled, 'Ingenius: Speed', mocking the LTE speeds of the iPhone X.

Does the X have faster download speeds than the Galaxy S9? No.

In the ad, a woman asks an Apple Store employee about the download speeds of the iPhone X. The employee notes that the iPhone X is faster than the iPhone 8 but is unable to respond when asked if the download speeds are faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung is likely basing the ad on recent data that found the Galaxy S9 downloaded 34% faster on average when connected to a U.S. cellular network.

Take a look at the video below!

iAmMe - July 18, 2018 at 3:17pm
Samsung is still under the impression that Apple is its main competitor. It never have been. I’ve always thought that eventually, Samsung will be overrun by other Android based brands which are now rising. Samsung will never be comparable with Apple since its running on Android. They only create that illusion so that users will think that the only difference between galaxy and Apple is hardware when it’s clearly not the case. LOL
nocci - July 18, 2018 at 2:58pm
And who on g****mn earth cares!? So you get like 3 extra seconds of download speed. Good for you petty f*cks. News flash, technology is always improving so the next phone that comes out after the next Galaxy which always tries to come out after the iPhone which of course is supporting newer updated technology just to make it seem worthless by comparison. I won't give them a benefit of the doubt, but this isn't as farcical as Microsoft's desperately insulting the iPhone over color right before it happened (I mean you could just paint the **mn thing or put a case on it). Just wait until iOS 12 comes out then we'll see who the clear winner is! Actually I own a T-Mobile phone booster so eat your words and shit and good riddance!