AT&T Increases DirecTV Now Pricing By $10/Month

AT&T Increases DirecTV Now Pricing By $10/Month

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AT&T has announced an increase of $10/month for users subscribed to its DirecTV Now streaming service. The price changes to packages will take effect April 12, 2019 and price changes for premiums, add-ons, and international options take effect March 13, 2019.

This follows the introduction of two new plans yesterday that include HBO.

Here's a closer look at the changes...

● Base packages - The prices of the Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, Gotta Have It, and Todo y Mas packages are increasing by $10 a month.
● Premium channels - Prices starting March 13, 2019 will be $15 per month for HBO and $11 per month for Cinemax and Starz.
● International options - The Brazilian package is increasing to $30 per month and the Deportes add-on is increasing to $15 a month.

If you already have a premium channel, international option, or Deportes, you'll keep your current price. However, if you upgrade or downgrade your package after April 12, 2019, you’ll pay the new price – even if you have a promotion.

More details at the link below.

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AT&T Increases DirecTV Now Pricing By $10/Month

makh - March 15, 2019 at 8:41am
Ah, yes! The last merger....