Apple to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices Ahead of Apple Watch?

Apple to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices Ahead of Apple Watch?

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Apple will reportedly stop selling Fitbit devices as it prepares to launch the Apple Watch early next year, reports Re/code.

Apple may soon stop selling the popular Fitbit devices, as it clears way for its own wearable technology product set to launch sometime next year, according to sources. It’s unclear exactly why Apple will no longer sell the devices, which track steps and other health metrics, in its retail stores. But the move comes a week after Fitbit issued a statement saying it was still “evaluating integration with HealthKit,” Apple’s new software application that acts as a central repository for health and fitness data on iPhones.

Fitbit currently has 70% of the fitness tracking device market with the Nike Fuelband and Jawbone UP being the other two major trackers. Just yesterday, the company's new trackers the Charge and Charge HR were leaked online. You can learn more about those devices here.

Apple declined to comment on the story; however, Fitbit provided a statement to Re/code.

Fitbit’s Park said the company still “looks forward to a robust holiday season as the connected health and fitness category continues its rapid growth.” He noted that Fitbit is still sold in over 37,000 retail stores worldwide, including Amazon, Best Buy, Bloomingdales, Kohls, Target and Walmart.

It's unclear if Apple plans to remove any other fitness devices from its stores ahead of the Apple Watch but we'll let know if we hear anything.

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Apple to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices Ahead of Apple Watch?

Nat - October 15, 2014 at 5:10pm
Yes, iWatch has more stuff than just a health tracker.
Apple Fanboy that has common-sense - October 16, 2014 at 3:15am
and it costs 3-7 times more too.
Nat - October 16, 2014 at 3:18am
Pay more, do more. Pay what you get.
Apple Fanboy that has common-sense - October 16, 2014 at 3:45am
ok. only new other feature AppleWatch is 'watch' functionality. oh oh im sorry. i forgot that you can see pictures from your iPhone on your 1 inch watch screen too!! amazing feature isnt it? ohoh also you can use Apple Pay with AppleWatch too!!! nah.. Apple Pay needs fingerprint scanning when making a payment for security reasons. So eventually you have to bring out your iPhone anyway. Lets be real here. i was so excited about Apple Watch announcement and loved their fashion dedication allowing users to swap whatever watch chain you want. But as soon as they introduced the pricings?($350) hell no. im not paying extra $250-300 just so that i can swap watch chains. Apple Watch/Smart Watch are limited in both functionality and components due to their sizes. there is no way it should cost $350 unless every single parts inside the Apple Watch is hand-made and crafted. fk no
Nat - October 16, 2014 at 3:59am
You forgot to mention how it's a clear backup for your iPhone which you can scroll and see pictures perfectly on a 1 inch screen. This is one of the amazing features even something competition can catch up on now. Apple pay is necessary for the watch to because people who love their old iPhone models deserve to use this. Yah!!! The only scanning neede is the 6 to make payments so technically no iphone required for nfc unless you don't need the watch or prefer old school style, so there you have it here. Get serious with reality! Not one Apple product even in the most expensive way has became a waste. I wouldn't lose my hope that much but come on, prop ice isn't that bad and Rolex is much more expensive than that yet it just has time hands. Worth that? Screw it. I'm always taking risks with apples products nowadays. What not to trust? Besides if you are this carefull with chains (which I doubt you can't be) then no switching necessary. Apple watch is limited? Look how many apps it can carry, besides the components like on past products are done by voice making every part just work. Yes way watches necessary can be like that for how much goes in it which machine and hand made! Fck yes!
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