Misfit Launches New 'Bolt' Smart Bulb

Misfit Launches New 'Bolt' Smart Bulb

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Misfit today announced the launch of Misfit Bolt, a color-changing light bulb that lets users personalize their home lightning. Bolt provides a million different color combinations that lets users transform any room to their liking. Misfit also notes Misfit Bolt works with their sleep sensing products to create the perfect environment when waking up.

Bolt is constructed from a glass dome with a proprietary light-diffusion coating to enable wide-angle light dispersion with no hot spots, and a gorgeous aluminum body that doubles as a heat sink. A warm white light, Bolt is bright enough for everyday lighting while also being able to make a bold statement in any room with its color changing features. Unlike other smart bulbs on the market, Bolt does not require a hub and is easy to set up.

"For us, a smart light bulb is not just a vessel for electronic components. It was about enabling our connection to light from darkness. Bolt gives a new twist to an ordinary light source and turns it into a memorable experience," said Diana Chang, lead designer for Bolt.

Customers can control Bolt through the Misfit Home app, which will soon be released on iOS and Android.

You can pre-order Misfit bolt from Misfit for $49.99

Misfit Launches New 'Bolt' Smart Bulb

MUKAI - January 8, 2015 at 1:35pm
I rather stick to Philips Hue, this looks huge and ugly looking.