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Apple to Completely Revamp iPhone Lineup in 2017 With Glass Body, AMOLED Display, Wireless Charging?

Apple to Completely Revamp iPhone Lineup in 2017 With Glass Body, AMOLED Display, Wireless Charging?

Posted March 26, 2016 at 5:32pm by iClarified · 25254 views
Apple is planning a complete revamp of its iPhone lineup in 2017 to a glass design similar to the iPhone 4 with an AMOLED display, reports KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple is said to be deciding between glass, plastic and ceramic casing material for its 2017 iPhone; however, Kuo believes Apple will ultimately settle on glass like the iPhone, "as plastic doesn’t offer thin and light form factor designs, and it would be not easy to precisely control the tolerance of ceramic."

The 2017 iPhone is said to have a curved display and a curved glass body. Building on the iPhone 4 design, both the front and back will be glass and the sides will be metal, says Kuo. Additionally, it will reportedly feature a “completely new form factor design” with more narrow bezels and a “more comfortably grip.”

Notably, Kuo also says that Apple will introduce a larger 5.8-inch iPhone in 2017 with an AMOLED. Although the display will be larger, the form factor of the device is said to be smaller than the current 5.5-inch iPhone. If the supply level of the AMOLED displays is sufficient, Apple will replace the 5.5-inch model.

Furthermore, the new iPhone is said to include wireless charging capabilities. We've heard rumors that Apple's implementation of wireless charging will work long-range; however, Kuo doesn't go into any specifics.

Lastly, the 2017 iPhone is expected to bring further biometric recognitions, possibly facial recognition or eye recognition.

If Apple follows along its typical release cycle, the iPhone 7 would have been the device to get a major update; however, several rumors have suggested that this year's iPhone update may only bring a thinner device with no headphone port.

Can the iPhone 6 design survive another year? Let us know what you think in the comments...

[via 9to5Mac]

Apple to Completely Revamp iPhone Lineup in 2017 With Glass Body, AMOLED Display, Wireless Charging?

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Schecky - March 30, 2016 at 6:41pm
Can the iPhone 6 design survive another year? Odd choice of words. Until 2017, iPhone competition will introduce plenty of new features with Apple playing catch-up... again. India already has over 100 Super AMOLED screened phones to choose from NOW. Apple has proven they aren't ready to stay present or lead the competition. Since June 29, 2007, Apple hasn't released a revelutionary device such as the first iPhone on that day. Subsequent releases of the iPhone have basically been evolutionary, and many to catch-up on the features of competitors. Distant wireless charging in 2017 may be nice, but losing the earphone jack to "planned" obsolence is an obscene challenge. In fact, it's not really planned obsolecense. If earphones went to transmitting differently, thats one thing, but incorporating sound from the lightening port means future iPhone owners will need to buy an adapter or different earphones. How does that help the consumer or solve anything as inventions should? If some add-on parts are to be proprietary, that's about the last one I'd choose. How about adding the iPhone version of the existing Apple Pencil? Those that are partial to Apple and its integration to Apple products may wait for the 2017 iPhone. Gaining market percentage from the upcoming iPhone? I'd like to see any resemblance of a plan. Then there is AAPL stock price that of course includes many factors. Google/Alphabet (I'm still not used to the name) is now a wireless service provider too. Now look at GOOG stock performance over the last year too. AAPL is down over the last 12 months while GOOG is up 50%. So the question was: "Can the iPhone 6 design survive another year?" Still oddly worded, but to answer that question, it depends on your perspective and Ive tried to include different viewpoints when I think about the question at hand... or at phone. Thanks for reading my post.
. - March 30, 2016 at 7:43pm
What if it's not Apple to blame here? Maybe they knew about it but haven't yet got a way to get involved with it like trying to find suppliers or intergeate it with the iPhone, if it's able to work properly with it, etc.! Say what you want about Apple playing catch up even if it is again, but this is just parts in general compared to features which still doesn't change how most of the competition continues to play cat and mouse where they continue to wait for Apple to make something in order to copy something they just made even if it is better. Now about the iPhone and revolutionary it continues to be, after the first launch day from the company that shows itself the potential it still has, to this day they're still continuing to make great ideas blossom and by that, look at what people are saying about the recent features they tried, look at the iPhone sales that continue to incline year after year when it all started from the very first iPhone, but to bring Apple's stocks into this? Let me just say that this has happened before and they can prevent that again all thanks to the iPhone SE, but Google is going up because of YouTube, having android run on countless phones from other companies, self driving cars, etc.. Back to iPhone to talk about the 7, I don't know about you but would it be too much trouble to just not buy that phone if you don't want less ports? If you do buy the adapter, at least maybe some sound for current headphones will be sounding more crisp and clear, but hey maybe there will be one where it won't be too bulky or stick out too much that can allow a headphone jack and lightning port next to eachother.
scamster - March 29, 2016 at 7:24am
surprised they didn't say it comes with the kitchen sink! also whatever happened to liquidmetal?
clown - March 28, 2016 at 3:25am
I predict the iphone 10. Will be the size of coin. But when you drop a drop of water on it grows to 28x28". The problem is you have to carry a dropper and bottle of water around. Hopefully they come up with a new solution by the iphone 11
Samsuck - March 27, 2016 at 5:42pm
They better delay the launch of iPhone 7 to get all these things in. Releasing another iPhone 6 alike will be very stupid
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