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YouTube Announces Support for HDR Video

YouTube Announces Support for HDR Video

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Google has announced that YouTube now has support for HDR video.

Today we are adding support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube. HDR videos have higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows and stunning highlights with more clarity than ever. Support for wide color gamut means colors are more vibrant. Simply put, HDR unlocks the most spectacular image quality we've ever streamed.

"HDR adds a whole new dimension of creative freedom and visual spectacle, and we've barely scratched the surface of what this means for storytelling. We can't wait to see the amazing videos you're going to make with HDR."

Starting today, you can watch YouTube videos in HDR on supported devices, such as HDR TVs with the new Chromecast Ultra, and soon on all 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs. You can also upload HDR videos to YouTube. Videos must have HDR metadata in the codec or container to be played back as HDR videos on YouTube. The most reliable way to properly record the metadata is to export from a supported application, such as BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5.2. Click here for more details on uploading.

Check out some HDR videos below!