Naomi Campbell Interviews Jonathan Ive

Naomi Campbell Interviews Jonathan Ive

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Model and actress Naomi Campbell recently interviewed Apple design guru Jonathan Ive for Vogue.

Campbell starts by asking Ive about his childhood and growing up then moves to his relationship with Steve Jobs.

We looked at the world in the same way: we’d struggle to perceive things, we’d argue in our own heads, and we were very conscious about the conclusions we came to. We started working together in 1997, and he was just remarkable. As time goes on, I appreciate him more, and miss him more; how truly extraordinary he was becomes clearer. Steve understood the creative process in a way that’s extremely rare, but he also understood how you make a company with lots of people.

Ive also talks about manufacturing and the secrecy surrounding Apple's products.

I don’t really see it as being secretive – if I’m working on something and it’s not finished, I don’t want to show somebody! One of the defining things about the nature of ideas is just how fragile they are: when you’re not sure whether some-thing is going to work, the idea is vulnerable. Part of protecting the idea is to be careful about who you show it to; premature criticism can shut something down that perhaps deserves more of a chance.

The two also discussed fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa and how he worked.

It was incredible to see the way that he understood material, and the way he would be frustrated with material and so create new ones. And then these beautiful forms would emerge.

You can read the full interview below...

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Naomi Campbell Interviews Jonathan Ive

Nom Ando - April 4, 2018 at 5:29am
Why not video its freaking 2018 for f%&k sake.