October 4, 2022
Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 107 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 107 [Download]

Posted May 28, 2020 at 7:00pm by iClarified · 6179 views
Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 107, an update to its experimental browser for macOS.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS with Safari Technology Preview and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Here's a list of all the changes. You can download the Safari Technology Preview browser from here.

Web Inspector
● Network
○ Adjusted the spacing of the navigation items so that none are hidden when previewing a resource
● Sources
○ Added showing the name of the Worker if it exists as the title of its main resource
○ Fixed source mapping issue when combining single-child directory chains
○ Fixed restoring global DOM, URL, or event breakpoints incorrectly enabling all breakpoints
○ Supported CSS pretty printing when a url() is nested inside a url()
● Timelines
○ Fixed the memory stacked area graph to not extend beyond the "stopping time" marker
● Storage
○ Fixed requesting the list of IndexedDB database names multiple times for the same security origin
○ Fixed double-clicking on a cookie field to start editing that cookie
● Layers
○ Ensured that the text at the bottom of the details sidebar doesn’t overlap
● Console
○ Added showing EventTarget listeners as an internal property
○ Added showing Worker name as an internal property
● Miscellaneous
○ Accessibility
○ ○ Fixed Left/Right arrow keys to collapse/expand details sections
○ Remote Inspection
○ ○ Provided a way to turn on or off ITP debug mode and AdClickAttribution debug mode
○ ○ Dropped support for iOS 8.x, iOS 9.x, and iOS 10.x

● Changed the initial value of transform-box to be view-box to fix some SVG animations
● Fixed computing the correct perspective matrix on a box with borders and overflow: hidden
● Fixed incorrect location.origin in blob workers
● Fixed Object.prototype.toString to match standards
● XML external entity resources should only be loaded from XML MIME types

● Changed the cursor to update during the rendering steps, rather than on a 20ms timer
● Fixed the computed min-width and min-height for auto depending on the box
● Fixed ::selection styling for a flex container
● Fixed disappearing content with CSS parallax on an overflow scroll

● Fixed repaint issues when the login field collapses on music.apple.com
● Fixed text clipped when rendered with fonts which have a negative line gap metric
● Fixed table sizing when max-width is used

● Fixed tapping on the trackpad in a that sometimes becomes non-scrollable
● Fixed overflow scrollbars not growing when hovered
● Fixed find not always scrolling search results into view
● Fixed composited scrolling interfering with the propagation of perspective
● Fixed scrollbars flickering in RTL scrollable regions

● Changed to ignore a poster set after playback begins
● Fixed media controls tracks menu showing "Auto" selected instead of the track selected via the
JavaScript API

● Improved the accuracy of IndexedDB estimated write size computation

● Implemented Intl.Locale
● Implemented BigInt.asIntN and BigInt.asUintN
● Enabled logical assignment operators
● Ensured IntlCollator.prototype.resolvedOptions returns relevant locale extension keys in alphabetical order

Web Animations
● Fixed the animation engine to not wake up every tick for steps() timing functions
● Fixed animations with a single keyframe not getting accelerated
● Fixed calling reverse() on an accelerated animation having no effect
Coordinated "update animations and send events" procedure across multiple timelines
● Fixed Document.getAnimations() to only consider document connection and not timeline association
● Fixed the animation of font-size using rem values

Async Clipboard API
● Enabled clipboard API access when pasting from a menu item or key binding
● DataTransfer.files contains multiple files when pasting a single image with multiple representations
● Fixed cut and paste from Google Doc to Notes in several (non-Latin) languages
● Preserved character set information when writing to the pasteboard when copying rich text

● Implemented accessibility of HTML 5.1 Drag & Drop

CSS Grid
● Cleared the override width for computing percent margins
● Changed to not create renderers for whitespace nodes
● Changed to treat percentages as auto for the minimum contribution
● Fixed auto repeat with multiple tracks and gutters

Bug Fixes
● Added quirk for cookie blocking latch mode aolmail.com redirecting to aol.com under aol.com
● Changed to enforce a URL cannot have a username, password, or port if its host is null
● Changed XML external entities to require an XML MIME type to be loaded
● Fixed the playhead in Touch Bar continuing when loading stalls
● Fixed the search field on mayoclinic.org clipping the submit button
● Fixed setting a host on a URL when no port is specified
● Limited the HTTP referer to 4KB

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 107 [Download]
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