Apple AirPods 3 Teardown [Video]

Apple AirPods 3 Teardown [Video]

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Check out this teardown of Apple's new AirPods 3 wireless earbuds shared by 52audio.

Hi, guys. Long time no see.
Welcome back to 52audio.
Today, we'll tear down the Apple Airpods 3.
We've been waiting for so long time.
Though it looks similar to AirPods Pro, it has a different internal design. And the Apple H1 chip has been redesigned.
So, let's go ahead to see what looks like inside.

The teardown shows new magnets for MagSafe charging, a large thermal pad attached to the inside of the case, a Broadcom 59356A2KUBG wireless charging chip, an 1.427Wh A2516 case battery, a skin detect sensor, and more.

You can purchase the new AirPods 3 for $174.98 ($4.02 off) here.

Take a look at the teardown video below...