Louis Rossmann on the Unrepairable iPhone 12 Camera [Video]

Louis Rossmann on the Unrepairable iPhone 12 Camera [Video]

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Apple repair guru Louis Rossmann shared his thoughts about the unrepairable camera on the new 5G iPhone 12 in two videos recently posted to YouTube.

Rossmann says, "Only with the iPhone 12 and up do you need to run System Configuration when you change the camera, confirming from Apple's own documentation that if you're an independent repair shop or end customer, even if you get access to an OEM original straight from the Apple Store, straight from the Foxconn slave factory camera, that is blessed by Tim Cook, it will not work in your iPhone until you run their configuration utility that you can't have access to, you pleb customer."

As noted by iFixit, the inability to replace the camera on the 5G iPhone 12 is just one more step in Apple's push to prevent user repairs. The company is urging customers to call their legislator and voice support for Right to Repair legislation.

Take a look at the videos below...