Tivo Announces 'Next-Gen Platform' That Delivers Both Streaming and Cable Content

Tivo Announces 'Next-Gen Platform' That Delivers Both Streaming and Cable Content

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Tivo has announced a 'Next-Gen Platform' that allows providers to deliver both streaming and cable content to customers wherever they want to watch it, whether on managed set-top-boxes, such as Linux and Android TV; unmanaged bring-your-own devices, such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire; or mobile and web.

With the cutting-edge Next-Gen Platform, users get the ultimate entertainment experience, including hyper-personalization, recommendations and voice control, as well as seamless integration of content across linear, over-the-top (OTT), on-demand and DVR platforms for multiscreen capabilities. This helps service providers reduce churn, drive customer engagement, stay ahead of the competition and own the customer experience by bringing calm to a world of increasing entertainment chaos.

“User experience defines the operator’s video services for consumers,” said Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Parks Associates. “Every pay-TV service and streaming video service is working to capture and maintain consumer attention in order to drive ongoing use and monetization. As a result, operators need a flexible platform that allows them to innovate rapidly and meet or surpass connected experiences offered elsewhere.”

● Implement future-proof solutions built for scale using cloud-based architecture, enabling rapid agility, faster feature velocity and cloud economics.
● Capture and retain market segments via flexible deployment options, while capitalizing on new monetization opportunities and business models.
● Take a device- and OS-agnostic approach, where all clients and content are powered by the cloud for cutting-edge multi-screen experiences.
● Transition to IPTV on your own terms. Begin your deployments as all-QAM, all-IPTV, or anywhere in between. For operators looking to transition to IPTV, choose from a number of simple migration paths.
● Take advantage of TiVo’s software and services for powerful personalized recommendations, rich metadata, conversational voice command and control, and more.

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Tivo Announces 'Next-Gen Platform' That Delivers Both Streaming and Cable Content