Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 53 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 53 [Download]

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Apple has seeded Safari Technology Preview 53 to developers.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Here's a look at what's new:

Service Workers
● Changed to use one service worker process per security origin
● Changed to use the same SWServer for all ephemeral sessions
● Fixed promptly terminating service worker processes when they are no longer needed
● Included the security origin in the service worker process name

● Added support for VCP encoder on macOS and iOS
● Fixed the RTCPeerConnection constructor to throw an exception for bad configuration parameters
● Fixed setting SenderTrack to null calling removeTrack with RTCRtpSender

● Fixed CSS mask images to be retrieved using potentially CORS-enabled fetch
● Fixed loading the stylesheet when changing the element rel attribute from preload to stylesheet

● Fixed invalidating descendants for :nth-child and :nth-of-type pseudo classes only when needed
● Fixed positioning for text with letter spacing

● Added Fullscreen API as an Experimental Feature
● Prevented SVG root from being skipped while marking percentage height descendants dirty

● Fixed the table row count when role="row" is added to in DOM

● Fixed CSS Grid auto repeat tracks computation with definite min sizes

● Added a query and fragment exception to the History API’s unique origin restriction

Web Inspector
● Changed “Force Print Media Styles” to not persist across Web Inspector sessions
● Changed to not show checkboxes for invalid properties in the Styles sidebar
● Fixed the ability to add a new class by editing the class attribute in the DOM tree outline
● Fixed an instance of the main WebGL canvas having no reported size in the Canvas Tab
● Fixed a recording initiated by the user to properly show immediately on completion
● Fixed session dividers not being added when Console tab is not visible
● Fixed flashing when switching between nodes in the Styles sidebar
● Fixed losing focus when editing a property while a page is being loaded
● Prevented the Shift-Command-Left Arrow (⇧⌘←) and Shift-Command-Right Arrow (⇧⌘→) keys from switching tabs when focused on color picker text fields
● Removed redundant tooltips

Safari Technology Preview can be downloaded from the link below...


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 53 [Download]