Apple to Receive Shipments of New 16-inch MacBook Pro This Quarter [Report]

Apple to Receive Shipments of New 16-inch MacBook Pro This Quarter [Report]

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Apple is expected to receive volume shipments of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro this quarter, according to a new report from DigiTimes.

The existence of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro has been confirmed in macOS. For example, the latest release of macOS 10.15.1 leaked an image of the notebook's Touch Bar and keyboard. Previous reports predicted that Apple would unveil the new laptop by the end of October; however, it doesn't appear that will happen. Despite this, DigiTimes claims that Quanta Computer will begin volume shipments to Apple this quarter.

Apple's new 16-inch ultra-thin-bezel MacBook Pro is expected to begin volume shipments in the fourth quarter, while Microsoft's new third-generation Surface Laptop will boost sharply the brand vendor's shipments sequentially in the fourth quarter. Because of Apple's new MacBook Pro, Quanta Computer, the key supplier of the machine, is expected to see rising share of Taiwan's shipments in the fourth quarter, while Wistron and Pegatron will also see their shares grow thanks to Dell and Microsoft ramping up orders.

The report suggests that Apple may be taking volume shipments of the new MacBook Pro ahead of mid-December when the U.S. is set to impose a tariff on China-imported notebooks. It's possible that Apple may be planning to launch the notebook later this year or early next year and is pre-stocking inventory to avoid the tariff.

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Apple to Receive Shipments of New 16-inch MacBook Pro This Quarter [Report]

NoGoodNick - November 2, 2019 at 1:53pm
Update: Given implied news of yet another failed keyboard, accompanying news of heavy shipments of the 16 inch MacBook, establish that, without significant redesigns, it will likely NEVER be made available. In order to Accomplish that, Apple would be better served perfecting their new, revised keyboard in time for their later 2020 MacBook Pro release. I, like many others, have been patiently waiting to see whether the new 16 inch model was financially viable, but given this latest news, I’m going to call it a day and go ahead and purchase the earlier 2019 model. Having utterly abandoned Apple’s ‘intelligent design’ mantra in exchange for marketing hyperbola hasn’t helped anyone, and casts doubt on the quality of ANY new Apple releases. Tim Cook is a disaster as Apple’s CEO, as the recent revelation of Apple’s bogus sales claims demonstrate. While I’m not heading for the exit yet, I no longer trust any new Apple products!
NoGoodNick - October 31, 2019 at 5:11pm
So, no 16” MacBook Pro this year, despite the finished product being readily available soon. Or maybe a mid-November release? At this point, no one has the slightest clue. However, the rampant confusion means that NO ONE is upgrading their MacBook Pro 15” this year as we all wait and see whether it’s worth waiting for or not.