Wistron to Start Assembling iPhone 6s in India?

Wistron to Start Assembling iPhone 6s in India?

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Wistron may start assembling Apple's iPhone 6s in India soon, according to a new report from Reuters.

The company is close to signing a deal to purchase land in India's tech hub of Bengaluru and will likely invest $157 million to develop the site, two government officials say. ICT Service Management Solutions, the same Wistron unit that assembles Apple's low cost iPhone SE in India, has been looking for about 100 acres in the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Wistron is likely to use at least a part of this land to set up new assembly lines for Apple, the sources said. A third source said Apple was likely to start assembling its iPhone 6s models in India via Wistron soon, as it looks to cut costs and diversify its production base beyond greater China.

Another source says that the assembly of iPhone SE devices was a pilot to test the waters and the next logical step is to expand the line. Notably, ICT recently gained federal approval to import machinery from China to India which could be used to set up new iPhone production lines.

India is an emerging market and local assembly will help Apple save on import taxes, price phones cheaper and potentially widen its customer base.

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Wistron to Start Assembling iPhone 6s in India?

tslp - February 1, 2018 at 12:49am
it's more for developing relations with india. india is a F up place. i went there for business and i would say that it's hell on earth with the exception of the Taj Mahal which is barely worth going to with what you have to deal with. indians are liars and they have a huge corruption problem. the government is crap and the people suffer from it. I've never seen such a sh!thole except maybe china 20 years ago? no infrastructure and the worst pollution i have seen in my life and i have lived in Beijing and Shanghai. hmm any who, apple needs to play ball and invest a ton of money into india to get their phones in. its a huge market! but damn the people are insanely poor and apple doesn't understand the market. honestly i cannot see the regular joe using the iPhone. all those advantages of iOS is not needed there. so what you are left with is hardware and i'm sorry but android phones are the king of innovative and cheapest hardware now. the chinese will take over india. they already are doing the factories and offer cheap smartphone choices. apple also usually doesn't use celebrities for ads. apple usually try to be subtle in their advertising and putting product placement in shows and movies. but they try to be subtle and save face to try to show they don't have to advertise for their premium products. but it's obvious that they do sneaky advertisement. i hate apple's arrogance. in india, they will need to be very blunt and use indian celebrities at the minimum. but still i'm telling you the average joe is not gonna care. india needs to be fixed first and the quality of living must be raised. the people will just want a phone that's good enough. they don't care about premium. maybe in 50 years? maybe 100 years? it's a huge market in terms of quantity of people and a developing one. not much developing markets in the world now. apple has lost in china and they will have a presence but they will never dominate china. india is a future hope but there is none in the near future. just being real.
Raas al Ghul - February 1, 2018 at 9:37am
Clearly your either blind or stupid, India is not a 3rd world country many people can afford iPhones but it’s difficult to buy there due to import issues and lack of first party stores. Yes there are also many poor people but Apple is not targeting that market
Chip - January 31, 2018 at 6:06pm
F$&@ India where is the jobs for the Americans?
logical reasoning - January 31, 2018 at 8:21pm
A normal factory worker (actually technically skilled) in India will work for $500 a month. They would work afterhours too coz its not hourly pay, doing 10-12hours daily for that money. In America, people with no skill are expecting $20/hour - $3200/month + benefits, just for doing less than half the work. If you were apple/any company with profits in mind(like every company in the world) --> The answer to where you'll set up operations you'll choose is pretty obvious..